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Cheapest and best mode of getting your desired visiting card among thousands of design in our Blog (website).
Why is it called the cheapest mode?  This is the cheapest mode because it saves lots of costs like Travelling expenses, Time, Market Cheating, Designing expense etc.
Why is it called as the best mode?  This is the best mode because it saves Time, it saves from waste discussions, gives lot of options, no need to come out of your work place or home etc.

How to get your desired visiting Card ?
Now it is very simple to get your desired visiting card. You do not have to spare any extra time for doing so. Follow the below mentioned steps and get the visiting card directly at your work place or home:
(1)  Log on to our blog

(2)  Select the design of your choice among thousands of design published on our Blog (website)

(3)  You can select Backgrounds from one visiting card design {say from Godji 7 (background)} and pictures {say from Machi 220 (pictures)} from other visiting card design.

(4)  You can also send your own pictures and designs.

(5)  Deposit the required amount as per your order (and according to our Rate List) in our account number and intimate the same through our e-mail ID or mobile number.

(6)  We will also confirm the receipt of your payment as soon as possible.

(7)  Kindly give us all the details like (Address of Despatch & correspondence, Your e-mail ID, Phone Numbers etc.)

(8)  Also provide the content of the Visiting Card like Name, Qualification, Designation, Address, Logos and any other information that you want to provide in your visiting card.

(9)  We will give you three proofs for your order one after another for corrections.

(10)       The third proof will be considered as final. Our Company may extend the number of proofs at its sole discretion.

(11)       After the final proof we will take not more then 7 days to despatch your visiting card to your desired destination.

(12)       Kindly intimate the receipt or non receipt of the Visiting Card after 7 days of despatch.

(13)       Note: Most of the time we keep a record of your visiting cards so for any repeat order just mention the “Previous Order Number” and required quantity before depositing the then existing required amount for the receipt of visiting cards.
          (14)  After confirming we will send the desired visiting card at your given address.

 I agree to the Terms and Conditions